Project Description

For this project, we were tasked with picking a topic of interest to us and then create a poster for that topic. My topic of interest was the St. Gennaro festival and created a poster advertising it.

Project Reflection

The topic of my poster was the St. Gennaro feast that is held in Little Italy in NYC in the middle of September. It was my first time going this year and I decided to bring my camera. As soon as the sun set all the lights lit up and the ferris wheel looked magical. With my Canon Rebel T6, I took a few photos of the ferris wheel. 

For the poster, I took one of the pictures and edited it in Photoshop. The image was color corrected and the hue and saturation was adjusted. I then took the image and filled the entire composition of my poster. On the upper right corner is where I chose to place the title of my poster reading “Feast of San Gennaro” in a serif typeface to reflect the old time tradition that the feast is about. Below that is the dates for the festival as it is important to know when it will be held. On the left most side of the poster, I advertised some of the major things that the festival has to offer.

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