Link to Video Project on YouTube

Project Description

This project required us to create a video that could be a fun activity of a day over the weekend, or just any old day in our life. In my video you will see what I do on a normal day indoors.

Project Reflection

This project was fairly simple, I just had to go about my day and finish the tasks that I had. Which was wake up, brush my teeth, work on a freelance project, then go to bed at (hopefully) a decent time. I came up with the idea to show what I do at home because not many Professors know what we do with all this extra time at home. Everyones home and daily life is different, this is just one of my days.

I am currently taking a Intro to Video class with Professor Jackman so I have already learned how to use Premiere Pro prior to it being shown to me again with Professor Bauer in Digital Media Foundations, so this project was just a bit of a refresher of what I have already learned in my previous class.

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