About Me

Hi guys. My name is Chenhua Li, and you can call me Charlie as well. August, 2012 is a special time for me. It’s an important turning point of my career. In that time, I chose to enter the field of restorative dentistry, which is fresh and dynamic. Restorative dentistry is an important and integral part of the entire dental industry. As fueled by digital technology in recent years, it presents an explosive growth. Restorative dentistry is both a science and an art. Anyone who wants to be professional in this field, must master human anatomy, chemistry, physics and computer technology, and also need a basic aesthetics. Those things above are exactly what I am interested in or good at. The City Tech College of New York, where I am achieving my academic, is the best educational institution in this field, which makes me so proud of. In the next two years, I will follow the most awesome instructors to chase my dream – to become a professional modern dental technician, and benefit people with my knowledge. Let’s make an effort on it!