Template’s Re-post


Hi all,

I’m uploading a couple of template and reference files that will help you throughout the semester.

AutoCAD Template:

  • Layers pre-made
  • pages pre-made at 11″x17″
  • ctb-file linked

Rhino Template:

  • V-ray Setting Set up for exterior scenes
  • A few basic materials found on the V-ray material editor
  • v-ray sun (rotate it to change sun angle)
  • (Test render object in model to see results)

Rhino Materials Library

  • This library contains a large amount of different v-ray materials that can be easily loaded onto the v-ray material editor
  • It is a large folder (about 200mb)
  • I will show in class at some point how to access these material correctly

Best Regards,

Henry Aguilar

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