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The beautiful, Bibliotheque Ste. Genevie, was designed by Henri Labrouste in 1843 and built from 1845 to 1851. Labrouste is known to this day to have been one of the great architects of his time having this building be one of his crown jewels.The buildings which serves as a library is located in Paris, France. Its use of iron throughout the design is very prominent and it stands two stories tall and about 278 ft wide. Cast iron Ionic columns are used in the structure along with other iron elements which is highly revered by many for its high tech approach in such a monumental building.

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The Wren Library is located in the Trinity College in Cambridge, England. It was designed by  the architect Christopher Wren in 1676 and completed 1695. It is  one of the first libraries to be built with large windows to give enough natural  light  for  readers(students).The book stacks are in rows perpendicular to the walls under the intervals between the windows.It is mostly made of concrete



The architect, Christopher Wren’s work Wren Library (1674 construction started, 1695 opened)located in Trinity College is one of the great examples of architecture that has enormous space of natural lights. What makes the building unique and a great space as a library is the huge windows all over the structure. That makes the sun light come through and a awesome visual sight of the nature while sitting inside.

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Henri Labrouste born in Paris in 1801, also architect of the Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, received the project in 1838 and started constructing in 1845-1851. The building is a library built using bearing masonry and iron spans using the Italian renaissance revival style creating a two story structure.

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The Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve is a French National Library. This library was designed by architect Henri Labrouste in Paris, France. Labrouste was known to be one of the greatest French architects pf the nineteenth century. He was known to be the first to realize the importance of the use of iron frame construction. He designed the Salle Labrouste, a reading room in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Labrouste designed the Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve library in 1843, which was then constructed from 1845 to 1851. Standing at 278 by 69 feet tall, this library is made of thin masonry walls with iron arches. Inspired by Roman Architecture, Labrouste evoked a drama created by exposed metal frameworks and stunning luminosity.