Visual Quotation Project


Piece 1: Music in the Rain (Music)

I love and enjoy music very much and I wanted to do a visual quotation on a music quote. This quote is by a poet name Berthold Amerbach. It says, “Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” I drew this piece by hand with prismacolor pencils. I used the inspiration of over the ear headphones and music notes as a portrayal of raindrops to relate to the quote. I’ve handwritten the quote myself. This piece was created with the inspiration of surrealisam.


Piece 2: Time’s Collection (Change)

I have chosen to do a piece of a “human timeline” because I thought it would have been a creative way of visualizing the change quote which says, “Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.” by Faith Baldwin. I also wanted to do a quote on change because I observe change and change happens every day around all of us and around the world. I also drew this piece by hand using my drawing skills and my prismacolor pencils. I wanted this piece to be simple but somewhat attractive and colorful to the audience. I was inspired by the different cartooning, anime and manga styles.





Piece 3: Beauty Within (Beauty)

This final piece is what I called “the mixed collage phase”. I wanted the beauty piece to be very different from my other visual quotation pieces and unlike the other two quotes, this is the only quote which I made up myself which was inspired by my past when I was a middle schooler going through change. The quote says “what’s ugly to one person is pretty, exotic and beautiful to 10,000 people; love your beauty”. I think the way I portrayed it with mixed words collages is using words in magazines or handwriting some of the words myself so it could be a unique mix. I think that this one stands out of the three pieces I did. The typography is different sets.

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