Problem 4

Alisa and Sarah were great to work with. Communication with them was pretty good and came pretty easy. I learned a lot about the impact of reliability in this project. Unfortunately it was a bit of a negative version of that lesson, but still incredibly important. Moving forward with that lesson will definitely impact how I approach similar situations in the future. Our schedules weren’t exactly aligned but we still were able to meet and discuss important aspects of the project. Creating a budget limit after some of the details were established made us build awareness of a budget and the potential of that occurring again in the future, it also taught us about priorities of the contents of the show. Doing the prototype with Alisa and Sarah was a good use of the lab time, learning about timing, practicality and authenticity of the  wall sealant gave us insight of what we can do for similar projects in our careers or even beyond that.

Problem 2

Working with Katie and Val went pretty well. We each had an open mind to each others ideas and contributions. For this problem I was a little nervous about being responsible for budgeting even though I wanted to try it. I had never done budgeting before so I went with a more familiar task, I took on the drafting. I’m still not a fantastic drafter but I was much more confident in what I was working on than I had been last semester. The deck break-up was pretty simple with minor custom pieces and choosing steel deck for the platform was new for me as well. The drafts weren’t perfect but it was good to brush up on skills from the first two drafting classes for example a simple idea of creating a curve on the deck to importing the logo image to the drawings. This project was a great opportunity to work with students I wasn’t that familiar with and to work with new and old knowledge.

Problem 1

I kinda liked working on this project, it was a good way to start the semester. It was simple and I liked the group I was in with Marissa and Will. We all had input to the project and had divided the work between us pretty evenly. With the first project we also learned about collaboration with other groups and maybe some form of negotiation. The communication within and with other groups somewhat prepares us for what meetings will be similar to.