CTW Presents: Share Your Asian American Story


I am compiling audio, video, and/or written text from Asian faculty, staff, AND students who would like to discuss their experiences during the pandemic. Narrating our experiences can be a powerful way to process trauma from hate-related incidents, or simply to just inform the broader public about the added stresses that have attended the rise in violence against AAPI. Video, audio, and text will be compiled into a short documentary that will accompany one of this issue’s pieces (a reflection on anti-Asian violence during the pandemic).

You will have the option of either identifying yourself or remaining anonymous in the video.

I know everyone’s doing a LOT, so please only participate if you have the time and want to! If you are interested, it would be great if you could provide your testimony via this form by April 10.

Due to space lengths, I will have to prioritize the first 10-15 testimonials that I receive. Beyond that I may not be able to include your testimonial in the mini-documentary; however, I may include a written version in a supplementary page of this year’s issue of CTW.

Thank you for giving voice to an issue that affects us all.


Prof. Lucas Kwong
Editor, City Tech Writer Vol. 17