City Tech Writer, Volume 15 (2020)


Editor’s Note: For the first time, we are making City Tech Writer available in digital format. This volume, commemorating the publication’s 15th anniversary, is a testament to the perseverance of our students. Under extraordinary circumstances, writers for this volume worked with me to produce a compilation of scholarship, photography, personal reflection, and creative writing. While we are unable to have a physical reception for City Tech Writer this semester – and thus unable to pass out physical copies – we were able to have copies of this very special issue printed, thanks to generous funding from the President’s Office. Those copies will be available for pickup when campus reopens some time in the fall. Furthermore, we hope to combine celebrations of Volumes 15 and 16 in a reception next year. In the meantime, please enjoy Volume 15 below.

-Professor Kwong


Cover Artist’s note


Table Of Contents

Why Do We Fight? Sebastian Cheng (Prof. Suzanne Miller, English 1101)

The Sweet Life of Macarons Traceyann Hill (Prof. Joanne Jacus, Hospitality Management 1204)

The Father of Algebra  Yasmine Soofi (Prof. Nadia Kennedy, Mathematics 4030)

Between Two Worlds  Zayn Reinken (Prof. Laura Jamison, English 1101)

New Genomics Technologies for Gene Therapy Nicole Benmoshe, Whitney Bourne, Ashley M. Santos, Aleksandra Syroyezhkina (Prof. Evgenia Giannopolou, Biology 2000)

Second Home Juan Juarez (Prof. Carole Harris, English 092W/1101)

My Internship Experience: When in Rome…  Malik Dupree (Prof. Stella Nicolaou, Communication Design 4900)

Writing From the CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP) Prof. Caryn Davis 

A Piece of My Heart, Shakhnoza Almatova

I Thought Heroes Had Superpowers, Augustin Marc

Almost Adults, XuHui Deng

The Most Dangerous Journey, Bader Alrohani

A Journey That I Want to Forget, AbuBakr Aljahmi

I Lived With Secrets, Yinelfi D. Almanzar

The Role of Slavery in Beloved: A Haunting Ayshe Kerim (Prof. Lucas Kwong, English 3407)

King Richard III’s Anatomy  Luis Marquez  (Prof. Anna Matthews, Dentistry 1112)

My Truest Form Elaine Escoboza (Prof. Megan Behrent, English 2150)

The Symbolic Nature of Death Rituals and Gender Briana Roldan (Prof. Lisa Pope Fischer, Anthropology 1102)

Facebook’s Influence on Language and Communication Jaclyn Valentin (Prof. Jason Ellis, English 1710)

Valuing Life in Horton Hears a Who Joseph E. Bernard (Prof. Jacqueline Berger, Communications 1340)

The Golden Opportunity Pablo Galindo Aragon (Prof. Stella Nicolaou, Communication Design 4900)

The History of Human Migration: A Genomic Approach  Michael J. De Filippo, Tatyana Malini, Brittany N. Taylor, Biying Xie (Prof. Evgenia Giannopolou, Biology 2000)

Adventures In Photography  Prof. Caroline Shepard, Communications Design 1340

Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes, David Kirsch

Portrait of a Young Tailor, Salome Mindiashvili

Night Out in Canal, Brenda.M

Unfolded Memories, Esther A. Glasgow

My Continuing Journey From FuZhou to City Tech Xiaona Zhou (Prof. Satyanand Singh, Mathematics 2680)

Transhumanism and the Future of Humanity  Osama Omran, Enrico Ortiz-Floyd, Andrew Ozoria, Stephen Sarabdial, and Sumedh Waryam (Prof. Laureen Park, Philosophy 2106)

More Writing From the CUNY Immersion Program  (CLIP)                                                        Prof. Laurel Kallen 

Aunt Ayesha’s Disappointment, Ifat Majid

Don’t Judge People, Marleny Sanchez

Children Need to Live Somewhere, Gulmira Zhandauova

Mutual Respect, Xiaorong Guan

From Pain to Activism, Ghislain Joel N.

More Experience, More Sustainability, Eleanora Polishchuk

David’s Time in the Bubble Ibeth Erazo Melo (Prof. Anna Matthews, Dentistry 1112)

Finding My Way Joseph Diyarza  (Prof. Carole Harris, ENG 092W/1101)

London Bridge Is Falling Down, My Dear Ramsays: Summer as Metaphor in To The Lighthouse  Abigail B.S. Thomas (Prof. Caroline Hellman, English 2001)

Mama Jaclyn Valentin (Prof. Paula Korhonen, English 3760)

Between Christianity and … Nothingness: A Liminal Point of View Cruz Victorio (Prof. Laura Jamison, English 1101)

Oral Care for All Angela Castillo (Prof. Susan Davide, Dentistry 1100)

The War Inside Richard Situ (Prof. Jennifer Sears, English 1141)

What Does It Mean to Be Human? Post-Human Theories and the Future of Humanity    Saván De Jesus (Prof. Laureen Park, English 1773)

Only Writing Helped Me Get Through It: A Literacy Narrative Emdadul Hassan (Prof. Bradley Fox, English 1101)