CUNY in the NYT…finally

Local papers and news outlets have been covering the uproar over Mayor Eric Adams cuts to CUNY budgets…except the New York Times. The last NYT mention of university cuts in the city budget was a news article in early April, before the slew of rallies fighting cuts to CUNY. Since then, the NYT has remained silent on the Mayor’s cuts to CUNY education. Last week, however, the NYT couldn’t ignore Mayor Adams cold reception at the commencement for the 2023 graduates of the CUNY School of Law. CUNY’s Law School is the most diverse law school in the nation with the primary objective of serving the public interest (check out their mission statement). Looking forward to seeing the commencement posted so that we can all share in the celebration of these brave graduates.

Here’s the NYT “CUNY Law School Graduates Turn Their Backs to Mayor Adams”