So What’s Ink Club?

Ink Club was re-founded when students who loved the craft of art and storytelling wanted to be with others who share the same interests. Many are aspiring illustrators and sequential artists looking to break into the industry.

We work together to hone our skills and collaborate on projects such as our anthology series, which will be starting this academic year(2017-2018). We create workshops to teach things such as inking and digital editing, and events like our Live Sketch Sessions.

We typically meet every Thursday, at 12:45-2:15pm, in room Namm 1122. For any questions, email us at

How Can I Join?

There is no signup or process to joining. You can show up at a meeting or email us to tell us you’re interested if you can’t make it Thursdays. We’re open to all levels of experience. You just need to bring your hardworking hat if you’re hoping to improve your skills and create good work.

If you wish to participate more, email us so we can add you to our contacts and join the Slack group chat. This is where we quickly discuss what’s upcoming and how what we need to focus on.