Goals for the Year

To help set off the opening of our site, we’d like to share our goals for the academic year!

Club Anthology

Members of the club will suggest and vote on a theme. Each member is given the chance to submit their illustration or short comic based on the theme, which we will then print and produce into a book.

Live Figure Drawing Sessions

The biggest things we can practice is drawing the human figure, so we’re going to host our own figure drawing sessions to help give students a place to practice. Models will be clothed to also help us draw clothing on the body. We’ll be posting the days of the sessions in our events tab so stay tuned. We’re currently looking for models so feel free to email us(citytechinkclub@gmail.com) if interested!

Table at MoCCA Fest

Another big goal is to have or club and students represent at MoCCA Arts Festival in April 2018. There will will sell our anthology and work of the members to network and build our audience.

Those are our biggest goals, so the list will probably get bigger as we grow. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our progress. Cheers to a great year!