Anthology Specs & Submission Info

*Updated 3/10/18

What Can I Submit?

  • Single/Splash Pages
  • Double Spread Pages
  • Comic submissions
  • ONLY Original art

Final Art Specs

  • 300 dpi resolution
  • PDF or JPEG
  • Single Page – 6.625 x 10.25 inches
  • Double Spread – 13.25 x 10.25 inches

Submission Process

1. Title your submission “FirstName_LastName_Anth”. If you’re creating a comic, save each page separately and title each “FirstName_LastName_Anth2018_1”, “”FirstName_LastName_Anth2018_2”, etc.

2. Email your submission to with the subject line ‘Anthology Submission’. Attach your files!

3. In the email include:

  • Full Name
  • A few sentences either describing your work in terms of inspiration, or general artist statement
  • Social Media url/Handle and/or website url,

4. Double check everything and hit send!

All work will not be accepted. Only approved artwork will be printed the final product. People accepted will receive their own copies of the anthology.

Anthology Timeline & Deadlines

Now that we have our printer in place, (Thank you Rolling Press!), we’re planning our timeline for when the anthology should be done. The goal is to have the books done by MoCCA Fest.

Timeline and deadlines are subject to change! So be sure to stay updated!

*Edited to include comic process

Final Concept, Rough Sketches & Comic Summary  – Dec 7th

  • finalize concept
  • begin sketches for final piece
  • Comic with beginning, middle, and end

Refining sketch & script – Jan 4th

  • begin final line work
  • begin final colors
  • fleshed out script

Submit final pieces – Jan 25th

  • 300 dpi pdfs/jpegs
  • full name, mini bio, website/contact

*Updated on 11/9/17

Anthology Theme – ZODIAC

We’re excited to announce that the theme for our first anthology is ZODIAC!

All participants will submit an illustration or short comic based on the theme. You may choose to design your own version of a zodiac, delve in Chinese zodiac or other cultures, or even maybe tell a story with a zodiac or more! The choice is all up to you.

How can I participate?

Your work will not be submitted into the anthology if you do not make any thumbnails, sketches, and share work for critique. This is meant to be a professional project and will be treated as such. That said, all skill levels are accepted, we only require that you put the work into your submission.

Where do I start?

Research. Research. Research. Start brainstorming what you may want to do. Look up inspiration of other artists, books, or shows. SKETCH OVER AND OVER. Your first idea will not always be your best.

We’ll be giving a more detailed timeline of when you should be finishing up preliminary sketches down the line, as well as spec details. For questions, ask us.

Club Pride

Recently Ink Club participated in Club Pride! A chance to build more awareness and fund-raise. Thank you to all of those who helped out and stopped by to show your support. It was a huge learning experience so stay tuned for next time!

Photos by Minas Polychronakis

‘Life At City Tech’ Art Competition

Hosted by SGA and Ink Club. The theme of this art competition is for artists all around City Tech to submit their own artwork that shows what City Tech means to them or what it means for them to be a City Tech student. The deadline for submissions for the contest is October 31st, 2017 and an art reception will be held on November 16th. 
The prizes will go to three winners. These prizes include:
  1. First Place’s Winner – Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Tablet
  2. Second Place’s Winner – $100 eGift Card to Blick Art Materials
  3. Third Place’s Winner – $50 eGift Card to Blick Art Materials
You can find out more about the Rules and Guidelines for the contest by read the poster below!

Goals for the Year

To help set off the opening of our site, we’d like to share our goals for the academic year!

Club Anthology

Members of the club will suggest and vote on a theme. Each member is given the chance to submit their illustration or short comic based on the theme, which we will then print and produce into a book.

Live Figure Drawing Sessions

The biggest things we can practice is drawing the human figure, so we’re going to host our own figure drawing sessions to help give students a place to practice. Models will be clothed to also help us draw clothing on the body. We’ll be posting the days of the sessions in our events tab so stay tuned. We’re currently looking for models so feel free to email us( if interested!

Table at MoCCA Fest

Another big goal is to have or club and students represent at MoCCA Arts Festival in April 2018. There will will sell our anthology and work of the members to network and build our audience.

Those are our biggest goals, so the list will probably get bigger as we grow. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our progress. Cheers to a great year!