Welcome to City Tech’s academic advising information. This section is designed to help you take charge of your college planning and to gain a better understanding of what to expect each year of college attendance. There is a lot of information here!

After your first semester, your advisement is through your department.
Your department is considered your major.

Be Aware!

  1. Second-semester students must be aware of their responsibility to
    register for classes!
  2. Failure to register can result in a non-student status.
  3. Be aware of deadlines for registration during your first semester
    and follow them.
  4. Consult the college’s Academic Calendar for registration dates.

The following six-step sequence is recommended for advisement:

Prepare for Advisement

Download and save a copy of the College Catalog for the First Semester you started at City Tech.

If you are a first-time student, contact First Semester Advisement

General Education Requirements

General Education Common Core courses are grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and encompass the knowledge, skills, and values determined by the faculty to be essential for success in every degree program.

City Tech’s General Education Common Core enables students to meet CUNY’s Pathways requirements while also meeting the degree requirements of their programs. The requirements include specific classes, categories of classes, and overall requirements which vary by degree.

You can find a searchable, sortable list of all of City Tech’s general education classes here:

There are required Common Core courses:
Required Common Core (12 credits / 4 courses) for students in Associates and Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • English Composition (2 courses)
  • Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)
  • Life and Physical Sciences (1 course)

There are Flexible Common Core courses:
Flexible Common Core (18 credits / 6 courses) for students in Associates and Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • World Cultures and Global Issues (1 course)
  • U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (1 course)
  • Creative Expression (1 course)
  • Individual and Society (1 course)
  • Scientific World (1 course)
  • The sixth course must be taken from one of the Flexible Common Core areas. In many cases, individual colleges specify what the sixth course will be. It is essential to consult City Tech’s Catalog and guidelines.

For students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree through a CUNY college, each campus requires an additional 6 to 12 credits of Common Core General Education courses. These additional required courses are called the College Option.

Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder, a real-time visual class scheduling tool makes it dramatically easier to create student schedules. It is for use by all City Tech students, with an initial focus on incoming Fall 2020 students.

Access Schedule Builder through CUNYfirst 

Path to Graduation

Charting Your Path to Graduation
Go to the Path to Graduation and expand the Path that corresponds to your status as a first, second, third, or fourth-year student.

  • First-Year Student: 0–30 successfully completed credits
  • Second Year Student: 30–60 successfully completed credits
  • Third Year Student: 60–90 successfully completed credits
  • Fourth Year Student: 90–120 successfully completed credits

Each Path to Graduation is organized chronologically and includes reminders and links to information on course requirements, financial aid information, social opportunities, and important dates to keep in mind, such as registration for upcoming classes.

Degree Check List & Maps

The degree checklist for your major includes all of the requirements you need to meet to graduate. Of these, the most important are:

  • Specific courses or categories of courses required
  • Overall number of credits: at least 60 for an associate degree and at least 120 for a baccalaureate degree, although a program may require more if there are licensing or accreditation requirements (Note: To earn academic honors, you must take a minimum number of credits on campus at City Tech: at least 34 credits for an associate degree, and at least 60 credits for a baccalaureate degree. E-permit classes do not count toward the total.)

Overall number and required categories of general education courses:
See the
General Education pages for more information

Academic Career Planner

These planning documents can be used in conjunction with your degree checklist and map (found in the catalog) and DegreeWorks to lay out the classes and timing that works best for you from the start to the end of your time at City Tech. You can download and save the planner as a clickable and fillable pdf file, or print the file and fill it in with pen or pencil.

Either way, once you’ve laid out your plans, bring it to an advisement meeting with a faculty advisor in your department to go over together. And don’t forget to save the planner for future reference. You will need to update your planner after finishing each semester at City Tech!

My Academic Career Planner – Associate Degree
My Academic Career Planner – Bachelor Degree

Professional Development Center

The mission of the Professional Development Center (PDC) is to help students and alumni cultivate essential competencies necessary to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to achieve their career goals.

Getting started on the right career path can make all the difference. The Professional Development Center is here to help make those first steps as easy as possible.

Phone: 718-260-5050
Location: Library Building, L114

Academic Support


The mission of the Ursula C. Schwerin Library is to enable students to access, evaluate, and use information resources in all formats so as to become information-literate. Drawing on extensive books, periodical and multimedia collections, online full-text databases, and guided access to internet resources, library faculty will help you select research materials, locate facts and use new information technologies.

Phone: 718-260-5497
Location: Atrium Fourth and Fifth Floors (Entrance on the Fourth Floor)

The OpenLab is an open-source, digital platform designed to support teaching and learning at City Tech (New York City College of Technology), and to promote student and faculty engagement in the intellectual and social life of the college community.

To sign up:
How to log on:
For OpenLab help:

Tutoring Available
Get help to succeed in your courses

Phone: 718-260-5874
Location: Library Building Ground Floor, LG18

The Center for Student Accessibility

The Center provides access for self-identified disabled students, supports their abilities, and assists them to achieve academically at their highest potential. The Center serves students with a history of documented disabilities as well as students who present temporary disabilities due to accidents or short-term health conditions.

When students with disabilities self-identify to the Center, they present current medical or educational documentation that supports reasonable academic adjustments and accommodations including but not limited to alternate testing locations, time extensions for exams, assistive devices, and technologies, American Sign Language interpretation, and computer-assisted readers.

Additionally, the Center provides academic tutoring, self-advocacy, and assistive technology workshops. Compliance is legally mandated in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.

Phone: (718) 260-5143
Location: Library Building, L237 

Academic Programs

First Year Programs

First Year Programs provide new City Tech students with guided academic pathways to ease their transition into college while supporting their academic success.

Math Workshops
First Year Programs in conjunction with the Mathematics Department offers free preparatory workshops in mathematics prior to the start of each semester. These workshops provide a preview of math concepts, creating a strong foundation of understanding for students planning to enroll in the course. Visit the Math Department or First Year Programs to learn about specific math workshops and how to register.

First Year Program Peer Mentors
First Year Program Peer Mentors act as role models for students participating in First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) and with Student Life and Development Success Workshops. They are experienced student leaders who are eager to share their college expertise and knowledge with new students acclimating to college life.

To help you navigate your journey at City Tech, let the Companion for the First Year at City Tech be your informal guide. There are methods to master studying, self-assessments to judge your progress, information on the formal structure including the grading system, and information on the many activities at City Tech beyond the classroom. The Companion (6th Ed.)

Phone: (718) 260-5697
Location: Namm Building, N506

Black Male Initiative;

BMI is a CUNY initiative to attract, retain, and graduate students from underrepresented groups, particularly African- American male students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Academic support and research opportunities are available to all students regardless of race, gender, national origin, or other characteristics.

Crear Futuros Mentoring Programs

CUNY and the Hispanic Federation have partnered to bring the CREAR Futuros Mentoring Program to City Tech. CREAR Futuros, which means “To Create Futures” in Spanish, provides support and special opportunities to incoming freshman, sophomore, and transfer students. CREAR Futuros mentees are eligible to receive peer mentoring, academic and career readiness workshops, exclusive alerts on internships, job and volunteer opportunities, and invitations to attend Hispanic Federation events.

Location: Academic Complex, A805

Honors Scholars Program
The Honors Scholars program offers early registration, challenging research projects, and enriched Honors courses that include honors distinction noted on your transcript.

Students eligible for the Honors Scholars program have opportunities for special academic programs and events, as well as trips, presentations at conferences, and professional development workshops.

Admission to the Honors Scholars Program requires students to complete at least 12 credits with a GPA of 3.4 or better.

Phone: (718) 254-8668
Location: Midway Building, M308

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
For a list of faculty mentors and their research interests, check

Conducting research can challenge your learning and be an exciting process. One of the unique opportunities as a college student is to participate in research with faculty in fields such as anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, health sciences, history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, robotics, technology, theater, and sociology, among others.

There are research programs offered on campus during the academic year and during the summer. Among these are the CUNY Research Scholars Program and the Emerging Scholars Program.

Apply for these Opportunities early in the semester. Some offer large stipends.
Off-campus undergraduate research opportunities are also available.

Phone: (718) 260-5433
Location: Namm Building, N235E