Curriculum Outline

Meeting Time on Zoom: Thursdays 6:15pm-7:15pm 

Site Visit(s): Saturday tbd 10am-12pm 

Information Session: Thursday February 18, 6:00-7:00pm 

Application: Friday Feb 26nd 11:59pm 

Acceptance: Monday March 1st 5:00pm 

Zoom Session 1:  March 4 Introductions, Team Building, Project Overview and Goals 

Site Visit:  Date tbd: Walking Seminar on a NYCHA campus  

Zoom Session 2:  March 11 Developing a Research Question, Design Ideas 

Zoom Session 3: March 18 Research + Design Charrette 

Zoom Session 4: March 25 Design Charrette + Review  

Zoom Session 5: April 8 Design Finalization, Assignments for Poster 

Zoom Session 6: April 15 Poster Finalization, Presentation Preparation 

Poster Submission:  April 27 

City Tech Emerging Scholars Poster Presentation:  May 5 – May 6 

Project Team Celebration + Next Steps:  tbd 

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