Class Info

  • Date: Tuesday May 11
  • Time: 1:00pm – 5:10pm
  • Meeting Info: Zoom link here

To-Do Before Class

  • Any missing work!!!
    • Submit scanned + formatted Reading Notes+ Concept Maps
    • Module 1 or 2 drawings
    • Upload to Miro here
  • Extra Credit – 25 Points
    • Find an example of something we’ve discussed in this class in your neighborhood and sketch it in detail (higher level of detail = more points)
    • Provide a brief written description of how it relates to our course material
    • Upload to Miro here
  • Module 3: Structural Study
    • Final Framing Plans, Component Sections (with calcs and references), and Structural Axon Drawings
    • Due Tuesday May 25, 12pm to Miro here


  • Final Assessments


  • Final Assessments
    • Reading Assessment here
    • Drawing Assessment here

To-Do After Class

  • Enjoy summer break!