Personal Statement


My name is Christina Tapia and I am a junior at New York City College of Technology. I expect to graduate in June of 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Within my first year in New York City College of Technology I thought I wanted to major in nursing, but as the time passed I noticed nursing was not for me. Changing my major since then has made me realize that Human Service workers make a difference in people’s lives and within our communities.  Human Services includes programs or facilities for meeting basic health, welfare and other needs of a society or group such as the poor, sick or elderly. Human Services also assist clients for those who are in need of counseling, treatment plans and providing support to help clients and families get through a crisis situation. Recently in July of this year I lost an uncle of mine with whom I was very close. He died as a result of abuse of alcohol. His death has made a huge impact on my life because it motivates me to work in the Human Service Field. Back then I wish I had the right resources to provide all the information necessary so that my uncle would have made wiser decisions and choices in his life. Over all I learned through this experience in my life that no matter what hardships one goes through one can always pick themselves right up and move forward. Therefore once I pursue my career as a Human Service worker this experience has inspired me to work with clients and families who have dealt with similar situations and problem solving their issues. Having such a strong desire to help others describes why I want to be part of this field because one has to show patience, understanding and caring in their dealings with others.


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