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Upon leaving my front door, I open the latch to exit my porch.¬† I look across the street and wave to my neighbor John who is across the street who has just come home for his night shift.¬† His German Shepherd immediately runs across the street to say hello.¬†¬† I run back inside of my house to get him a treat.¬† I finally leave my house (I live in a corner house)¬† and make a right onto bayview ave.¬† I walk towards smith street.¬† I pass a beige house with a brown stucco trim as well as a Sunoco Gas Station. I then proceeded to cross merrick road.¬† Standing at the corner, there is a nursing home to my right and a citGo gas Station with a fence surrounding it on my left.¬† I cross the street towards the nursing home and upon the entrance of the nursing home, there is a bus stop that reads N4 Express Jamaica, N4¬† Jamaica.¬† I get one the bus….during the ride, you will pass a catholic school on your right, followed by a cold stone cemetery on the left, which is located in rockville centre.¬† You will also pass by A MOVIE THEATER , hendrickson park, home depot, auto zone. many auto body repair shops.¬† You will get off at the last stop.¬† As you get off, you will be proceed to the train station.¬† Usually you will walk by the lady handing off free newspapers.¬† When you get to the corner, you will make a right.¬† Upon making the right, you will see a one legged beggar in front of the handrail.¬† Proceed downstairs.¬† You will see the metro-card booths and vending machines.¬† You will also see the Jehovah witnesses and the police officers.¬† You will go through the turnstile and the first escalator you see, Look above it, you will see a brown circle with a white J.¬† That’s the J train.¬† Use that escalator to get to the J train.¬† Get on at the second to last car.¬† Its right next to the 2nd stair well.¬† Take the J train to Broadway junction.¬† You will know its Broadway junction because most of the people get up to get off at this stop.¬† Walk up the steps and go towards the right.¬† You will pass by missionary workers, a man selling cold water, and a few birds.¬† Take the steps.¬† Good all the way down the steps.¬† One you hit the landing, you will turn right.¬† Good worn those steps and walk all the way down to the end of the station.¬† You will get on the first car, second door of the A train.¬† Usually, there is an odd smell of a homeless person mixed with the different scents of perfume and shampoo.¬† Most of the patrons will be asleep or engaged on their phone.¬† You will take the A train 4 stops to Jay Street Metro Tech.¬† As soon as you get off the train, take the steps.¬† Walk by the handrail because usually there will be people flying down the steps trying to catch the train you just got off of.¬† Go through the turn-style and take the exit on the right.¬† Walk up the steps and turn left.¬† You will pass NYU poly-tech and Starbucks, Will pass the scaffolding and cross the street.¬† Stand at the corned and wait to cross over Jay Street, be careful of the bikers, they will run you over.¬† Upon crossing the street, make a right.¬† The first door you meed will be city tech where you will see the security guards. YOU ARE NOW AT CITY TECH.


A photo of my map to school -- 9/16 In-class assignment

A photo of my map to school — 9/16 In-class assignment

My morning commute started by walking to the Halsey Street Subway¬†Station (on the corner of Broadway and Halsey Street —¬†Notice the Dunkin’ Donuts and Popeyes located near the station). I took the Queens-bound J train to Broadway Junction, where I transferred to the Manhattan-bound C train, and took it all the way to the Jay Street-MetroTech Station. After exiting the station I walked up Jay Street, passed by One MetroTech Center and NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and arrived at City Tech — just in time for this class.



This morning I felt so happy and left my house early.  The first image that I had is of a men with a colorful (yellow) t-shirt. Then I took a left at 135 St there were some African Americans were smoking pot , so I decided to cross the street and walked straight until Lenox.  In Macdonald, there was a truck with nice music selling fruits, that made me even happier. Finally, I turned right until I got to the subway station in 135 St.

I arrived on time to school but I made a mistake and I went to room 608, it was when I realized that nobody was there, and I felt so upset so my happiness was broken.

Hawa_Kamara_in class Assignment 2

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When I leave my apartment from the 14 floor the first people are see are the older Adults who sit in front the building every morning.  The next thing I do is walk on to Bridge street and look into the park and see if it is being clean.  I walk under the Brooklyn Queens Express way and the first thing I see is all the cab drivers parking on prospect Place. I keep walking and cross the stto baseball court side of the street. On that side of the street I walk under the Manhattan which usually have a train passing on the Bridge.  I walk on to Jay street and pass by the Vorhees city tech building . I walk to Jay street and Tillary Street by the Supermarket. When I cross the street I am at City Tech.

Haley Treoline In class Assignment 11


This is my commute I did to get to school this morning. I leave from the building where I work, which is the building on the left of my drawing. When I drove out from the parking lot, I end up on Atlantic Ave. I drove for 15 minutes on this Avenue. It was a gridlock driving down Atlantic Ave. I then make a right on Flatbush Ave. Traffic was constantly interrupted by pedestrians. It takes me 10 mins to get to Myrtle Ave, then I park, get out and walk to school. Here I am

Brand_Stedroy_In Class Assignment 2


My Journey from home starts by leaving my Room on the 10th floor down the hall to take the elevator to the 1st floor. Then I took a right then a left to exit my building. I ran across the street because the stop light was red to avoid walking down the road to the pedestrian walking. Now across the street I took a right then a left walk for about a block experienced a large garbage bin on the side walk of the housing complex on Clark Street.

Then I turned right on Cadman Plaza W Street because the pedestrian walking light turned white. Then ran across the street again to avoid getting knocked down because a suv was coming. Then I took a short cut through Cadman Plaza E then diagonally cut across Tillary street because the pedestrian light just turned white Even though I was some distance away from the pedestrian crossing. Then I walked down Tillary Street next to the post office. I saw some street workers on my left.

Then I was stopped by Exit traffic of the Brooklyn Bridge. Then I saw the opportunity to walk to the middle of the street. I waited because of traffic to enter the Brooklyn Bridge. Then the padestrian light truned white so I walked across the street between two cars. One of the cars was still easing up so I gave the driver a bad look then she stopped. Then I turned left walking next to the Pearl Building. Then I opened the door to the rear entrance. Then I made it to school!