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In the article “Performance/ Architecture: An Interview with Bernard Tschumi” the author began by giving us an idea about who Mr.Tschumi is and how his views and opinion ” there is no space without event” impacted how architecture and performance are viewed today. According to the author architecture is now perceived more as a “dynamic space-in-flux” rather than a just a fixed object. The article also spoke about Mr.Tschumi passed work experiences. He worked with students at a number of different architectural schools where he focused on space and movement notation. Throughout the interview Mr.Tschumi spoke about the crossover between art, architecture and other disciplines. he expressed that even though bodies in a space is important that space itself was just as important. He also stated that there is no architecture without a program. The program including labeling the way a space would be used. However Mr.Tschumi thought that they should give students a short story the students were to try and invent a building based on their interpretation. The students were told not to use the traditional tools such as plan, section and elevations, but they should try to document the movement of their bodies in spaces. Mr.Tschumi explains that “architecture is not about form or the knowledge of form but is a form of knowledge”. Which means architecture can create a the world around us. Architects have more power than they think they do. He never wants to fall into what was expected. Mr.Tschumi constructed a concert hall, he then won an award to build another concert hall. Which he ended up doing with the same program but different materials. He did this to analyze the difference the effect of the concert hall, in the place of steel and concrete he used translucent polycarbonate and wood.
In conclusion, Mr.Tschumi understood that space affect everything and the material used to build a structure will too.

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  1. Ting Chin


    This is well written. I am not really sure about why you included the part about the materials used in the construction of the concert hall but I appreciate the additional bit of research!

    Prof Chin


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