Josue Alberto: Image of Commute





On the usual commute every Friday to class today’s commute was smooth. Once I got out the house crossing the streets changed and getting to the bus was a  breeze. Walking to two blocks up in order to catch the express bus , had to wait a few extra minutes for arrival. Once on the bus getting to the train was fast. Looking from the window of the bus I could see my Brooklyn bound A train leaving the above train station. I know I had some extra time until the next train arrives. I decided to buy something at the Deli. Once I went up to the station about a minute passed and the next train was arriving. Once on the train , the ride was usual. Seating down and listing to music. After about 6 stops I arrived at Jay St station and walked up to street level and walked two blocks in order to reach 300 Metro tech building where one of City Tech buildings are located.

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