Haley Treoline Time Square Struggle


Time Square’s Struggle

In the early 1900s Time Square has struggle with many factors which were emerged from capital economy and commercial culture. Private investors have changed the infrastructure of the Great Big City which is New York City. This infrastructure moved Time Square into a hole new direction such as: transportation, building structure, entertainment and a whole new population. Also around 1909, movies began changing the face of theater entertainment market. This change had a great effect on New York theater district which is located on Broadway in Manhattan. During the 1920s radio helped established communication industries to Time square which brought in new groups of managers and producers who change the shape of theater in the district.

Due to the infrastructure of Time Square it is no longer serving a male population. This Square became one of the world most internment spot for all especially families.

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  1. Christopher Swift

    Treoline: why is Alex’s outline linked to your written response? Also, I asked for an outline of a chapter, not a paragraph summary. You need to demonstrate that you read the chapter and understood how the ideas fit together.


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