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Learning Places Fall 2016



SITE REPORT I [part 1: place]




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This area is Time Square which is located in Midtown Manhattan New York city. Seven avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway connected at an intersection which formed Time Square. This attraction site is the center of the Theatre District. Time square had an unsavory reputation as the center of illicit activity in the 1890s, through earlier in the 19th century it had been both a commercial and residential area. I was told to do my project on a place of performance. This square is mainly for performance, celebration and an attraction site for people of all race and culture.


I have never visit this Square before, so prior to my visit I thought it was a wide open space. I’ve always hear people talking about the activities that take place at this site. I also know that the New Year Eve Ball drop at Time Square. This is what gives me the impression that it is a wide open space which holds millions of people. I gather this information from watching the New Year Eave Ball drop.

SITE DOCUMENTATION (photos/sketches)





This is a space for performance. The Statue of Liberty is performing on this space. The space also attract spectators. The space in made up of brown bricks and white concrete strips. The white concrete strip runs right through the street of Central Park. The brown concrete is just part of the street. There are buildings, Bill Board, pedestrians, moto vehicles, and other performers occupied the street.



  1. Neighborhood / Street Character
    1. The street in very active with people and moto vehicle
    2. Mainly for Entertainment and Business
  2. Vitality of Place
    1. General Description
      1. The area is full of excitement and happiness for all age.
    2. Pedestrian Activity
      1. Very busy
    3. Vehicular Traffic
      1. Gridlock
    4. Age of Buildings (provide evidence for prediction)
      1. In January 1905, Mayor George B, McClellan signed a resolution to rename the intersection from Long Acre Square to Time Square.
      2. The Time Tower was built in 1896, which became the second tallest building in the city.
    5. Relationship Between Buildings (urbeme)
      1. It is located between Broadway Seventh Avenue and 42nd and 43rd
      2. Surrounded by skyscrapers
    6. Building Details (historical/architectural styles, morphemes)
      1. Intersection
      2. Brown bricks
      3. Glass structures
    7. Building Uses
      1. For buying and selling
      2. Where people meet for entertainment
    8. Other Observations
      1. Lots of LED lights
      2. Very colorful site
      3. People of different race


Subject Data
Street Names Time Square (Between 7th avenue 42nd and 44th street)
Street Width N/A
Pavement Type Pave with hard durable concrete, bricks and portion of asphalt
Building Heights 600 feet or taller
Building Widths (Window Bays) 1,844,800 sqft
Building Types/Uses For Hotels, Selling, performing and buying
Empty Lots / Gardens None
Shops / Restaurants About 15 shops and 10 restaurants
Industrial Shops N/A
Other Data Street structure design architectural style



  1. How old is the street
  2. What make Time Square a place for performance
  3. Is Time Square the most popular place in the Country or the World.


  1. Question
    1. Google.com
    2. NewYorkCitylandmark.com
    3. NewYorkarchitecture.info


    2. Question 2

    1. Google.com
    2. NewYorkCitylandmark.com
    3. NewYorkarchitecture.info

3.Question 3

  1. NewYorkTimes.com


It was a wonderful day at the Square for me. I was excited and fascinated with the Billboards, Neon Lights and the performers. I’ve learned a lot by visiting Time Square. I learned to focus on objects and sketch them. What I like about the area is that it is very busy and attractive. I do not it for driving because of the heavy traffic and no parking.


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