Modernism is the rejection of the Victorian era. Modernism rejects the past and experiments new ways of art. Modernism peaked in the 1960’s. Modernism experimented with form, technique and processes. Modernist believed they could find a way of reflecting the modern world. Shortly after came what is known as post-modernism which contraty to modernism, was sceptical and a suspicion of reason. Something these eras share is the ability to push boundaries. Modernism rejected the past and post-modernism pushed it further to say anything goes.
Conceptual art was important during postmodernism, it proposed that the meaning or purpose behind the making of the art was more important than the art itself. Conceptual artists also believed that anyone could make art and anything that has been created is considered art. They rejected the idea of high and low art and believed art was simply art.
We are still in the era of post-modernism as their beliefs and ideologies are still widely accepted. Post-modern art is considered to be more liberal than modernist art. Post-modern art expanded with the technological growth in America. Artists had endless boundaries and less restrictions. The creation of art was so tangible that nearly anyone could create. I believe that is still and even more true today.