Field Trip: MCNY


Museum of the City of New York

First thing that IĀ notice about the Museum of the City of New YorkĀ is its red brick and white marble trim facade. The museum was founded in 1923 and houses many works dating from the 19th and early 20th century.

One of the exhibition during the trip was theĀ Everything Is Design: The Work of Paul Rand.Ā The exhibition featured some of Randā€™s works in advertisement, logos, books, and posters.

Paul Randrand_by_poster was born in Brooklyn in 1914. At a very young age, Rand painted signs for his father’s grocery store.

His birth name is Peretz Rosenbaum. He decided to change his name because he wanted to camouflage the Jewish identity the nameĀ carries.

Rand’s clients included IBM, ABC network, UPS, and etc.




My favorite works in the exhibit are the UPS logo, the Ford’s advertisement poster, and the visualized poem about children.

The exhibition also showcased Rand’s book cover designs, packaging designs, and posters.



Another exhibition that was featured in the museum during our trip was theĀ Hip-Hop Revolution.Ā Unfortunately, I’m not very well acquainted with hip hop. So most of the exhibit didn’t catchĀ my interest… Except for a photo.

Hip Hop Revolution

Taken from (Salt-N-Pepa on the right)

ItĀ was a photo ofĀ Salt-N-Pepa. The groupĀ did a commercial with Geico Insurance. The commercial popped up time to time on Youtube videos, but I haven’t seen it in a while. IĀ hate Youtube commercials with a fiery passion. But thankfully, some of the longer commercials can be skipped after 5 seconds. This commercial, however, is one that I always watch till the end. I don’t precisely know why I like it,Ā but it makes me happy.

It was nice to see familiar faces in a strange place.

Thank you, Salt-N-Pepa, for making this foreign exhibit a little bit more relatable to me.

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