About Me

My name is Chen Geng Huang and I’m a communication design student in NYCCT. I’ve been living in Bayside, NY for about 10 years now. I moved from China. My father is a contemporary artist, and he’s one of the reason why I study graphic design and visual arts.

My interest in design began when I started looking at illustrations on various websites. One of the work that really caught my attention is Eleanor Davis’ Google doodle for first day of autumn 2014 (https://www.google.com/doodles/first-day-of-autumn-2014), it’s an example of how powerful and influential visual designs could be. Great designs, in my opinion, forces people to take notice.

I’ve never really had any experiences with drawing or graphic softwares before I entered the COMD program. I tried to take an art class in high school (Bayside High School) and I was promptly transferred out of the class after a week. In NYCCT I took art history courses. What I’ve learned through these courses is how important originality is, it really is the most essential aspect of artists and designers.