hw 4 Cristina Chenault

I believe  that the photography is not staged and that Robert Capa did took the photograph right in the moment the soldier was dying. What is the controversy about the picture is that we do not know for sure when the history behind the photography. Capa for sure captured a dying soldier, but was this soldier shut during the war action, or just maneuvers? As I read the article I understand that there are enough documents and witnesses that the shut was taken during a war action. Capa is the best war photographer and he will not ruin his reputation taking a staged image. Capa followed the troops in Normandia and this says a lot about his courage in the bottle. He would never be afraid to be in the middle of the action. For some people it was hard to believe that Capa capture exactly the moment of the soldier death. This is the first time in the history of photography when we can see a dying person right in the death moment. I believe from the picture we can figure out how the soldier will fall. It seems like the soldier last the balance and we can see how he is going to hit the ground. I firmly believe the image is not staged.

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