Some fascinating things I found about the civil war solider and their diet, was the use of coffee. They drank coffee everyday and they would tell stories about their morning brew. When the coffee was good they had it with stew and when it was bad they used it to wash for pork and tack. In the civil war, coffee reminded them of home, it was comfort drink.  It was fuel for there army and it helped kept them warm and aware. One interesting thing I notice about the food, was that they had a something called “Hard tack “which was biscuit, and it had a long shelf life that they ate and there’s something similar in the military rations today.  The food that I can’t live without is Mexican food and the desserts.

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  1. I totally agree. I also found Hardtack very interesting and how it was used to starve off hunger on both sides. It was also interesting that coffee was often the last comfort troops enjoyed before entering battle and the first sign of safety for those who survived.

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