HW#2 Food and Coffee during the Civil War

In reading about the meals army soldiers ate during the Civil War its safe to say that they were just plan ole meals, which consist of meat, bread, potatoes, coffee and sometimes hardtack. I found James M. Sanderson’s idea to solve the poor food quality and preparation interesting because it got the soldiers to cook, a task mostly women did during this time. Also with his cookbook he published it help liven up the meals these soldier had on a daily basis. The whole notion about how nobody can solider without coffee is so true and can be applied to today’s coffee lovers. I personally am not a coffee lover but I would say there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see a person drinking coffee. Coffee really is that one thing to keep you going throughout the day and I could imagine how helpful it must have been for those men who fought day in to day out. Though I don’t think the process in which coffee was made in that time is that of today, that’s just disgusting.

My food item I can’t live without. Matcha Iced Latte

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2 Responses to HW#2 Food and Coffee during the Civil War

  1. Zakiya Owens says:

    I agree, using water a horse wont drink just for some coffee? Never will I ever… I hope.

  2. Sandra Cheng says:

    It’s funny how a picture like your can create a hankering for iced matcha latte

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