HW#3: Color, Food Photography and Instagram

This Thanksgiving, like every other year, my family and I made the usual Pork Shoulder with Pigeon Pea Rice, Salad, and Fried Plantains. This is a very popular dish in the Dominican community and although I’m Mexican, I grew up more around Dominicans, and it is the reason I love this dish. I did not have the opportunity to get a picture of my actual dish, but the picture I am sharing represents exactly what was on my plate.

Food photography in my opinion is great. My industry is revolving on food and as a chef, I believe food photography can introduce one to different cultures and the way they present their foods. My Instagram consists of various food pages where they show things they have eaten or created, which gives me inspiration to go and create something of my own. Although it seems like an easy task to snap a picture of a dish, there its lots of things to keep in mind: attention to detail, color and presentation. I love seeing it all the time as much as I love doing it myself.

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