Hw2: Food & Coffee-Civil War

What I found most interesting in the Civil War soldiers’ diet was how coffee was a big thing back then as to how it is now. It mentioned how “… coffee helped fuel their soldiers”.  And this phrase is stilled used today, to how coffee can generate a person. Another very useful quality of coffee for them was, using it for hardtack. Which is a cracker, but also known as “tooth breakers”. Their diet was very interesting and very different to how we would imagine.

A food I wouldn’t be able to live without is chicken and salad. Chicken has always been a usual plate, and imagining life without it would be difficult. Also having a side of salad makes it have a touch of goodness. These two together makes a delicious plate.


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  1. Jc083100 says:

    wow that’s fascinating I once ate that before and I find it interesting that soldiers ate those type of food and still defending the us

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