HW#2 Food and Coffee during the civil war

What I find the most fascinating  about the Civil War diet was that coffee played such a huge role in the soldiers everyday. Having it be a myth or not that coffee is indeed a drink that helps wake up people. Nowadays coffee is still such a big contribution to millions of people in the mornings and also as stated in the NYT’s article “how coffee fueled the Civil War” there is a correlation between the two considering that the soldiers felt they couldn’t be a soldier with out their coffee. Their love for coffee went far enough to the point that they needed coffee every other moment to keep them going through their day. They didn’t really care how the coffee was truly made. They made coffee in Mississippi mud and even in puddles.  The significance that coffee also had for the soldiers is truly admirable. Coffee to them was a sign of of safety for those who survived.

I can not live with out Mexican food but most importantly tortas. They may seem like a basic “sandwich” but to me is so much more. They carry a significance for me just like coffee did for the soldiers back during the Civil War.

Mex torta

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