HW #2 Food and Coffee during the Civil War

The most fascinating thing about a Civil War soldier’s diet is the fact that they depended on only small portions of coffee, meat, and the most surprising, hardtack. Since they were war soldiers I would have expected them getting fed much better than they did during the Civil War. These soldiers were risking their lives for their country and all they got fed was a rock-like saltine cracker. They definitely did not get enough nutrients from that to be able to fight in a war.

The food I can’t live without has to be the Peruvian dish Leche De Tigre which translates to Tiger Milk in English. It is not literally tiger milk, I actually have no idea why they call this dish that, but all it is is mixed fish, shrimp, lemon juice, and seasoning blended into a cold soup-like consistency, trust me it tastes better than it sounds.

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