HW #2: Food and Coffee During the Civil War

Soldiers during the war had some food issues, or ration problems, where the food was  meant to last three days while on active duty.  The meat that they had were usually salted pork or fresh beef.  The meat was boiled, broiled or fried over open campfires.  As for the bread they were eating it was a flour biscuit called hardtack.  Most soldiers preferred to toast them over a fire and crumble them into soups sometimes even crumbling it up and frying them with their pork and bacon.  Some other food that was given to the soldiers included items such as rice, peas, beans, dried fruit, potatoes, molasses, vinegar, and salt.  Sugar and coffee was more important to the soldiers than anything else it was a most desirable staple.  One of my favorite food I cannot live without are the traditional Mexican tacos especially when it is made with cecina (salted meat), it is always a go for me after classes or just something to snack on when I don’t have any other options and when you add a beer preferably Corona or eat it after drinking Tequila it just makes it even better,

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