Allan Sien Hw#2

What was most interesting about a Civil War soldier’s diet was that they were given raw meat. I believed the process of cooking the meat were inconvenient, given the fact that may men had little to no experience in cooking as it was a woman’s duty during this time period. Considering that you had to cook in unsanitary conditions was dangerous for a soldiers health.  It will also be foolish to create a fire to cook since it will only give away ones location in a war. In today’s rations, almost all the food given to soldiers would be cooked. The Civil War soldiers dependence on coffee was not surprising to me because many of us, non-fighting soldiers, rely on coffee in today’s world to run our day.

A food that I can not live without would be sushi. Sushi is a food that you wont get tired of because it can come in many different flavors and variation.Sushi

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  1. Siobhan lyncb says:

    It was hard for me to pick which food i couldnt live without. Sushi was close but i chose biyani. Sushi for life tho!

  2. Fausto Llapa says:

    I enjoy eating sushi as well.

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