Brianna Guillen HW#2: Coffee and Food During the Civil War

After watching videos on the Civil War soldiers diet, it’s very interesting to see what they would eat compared to what soldiers eat now. Civil War soldiers would eat a large thick cracker called “hardtack”. Hardtack was the primary food source throughout the North and South. It was loved by many of the soldiers. Hardtack were long lasting; essential for the army since they would constantly be on the move. The thick cracker would be very hard and dry to eat. Coffee played an important role alongside hardtack. Soldiers would often dip their hardtack in coffee to make it soft to eat since it was thick and hard. Since it was soo hard, soldiers would also call hardtack “tooth breakers”. They would also dip their hardtack in coffee to get the mold and insects out. Sometimes the hardtack would get moldy and the soldiers would often still eat it.

The one food I can’t live without is burgers and fries. You can never go wrong with eating a burger with a side of fries. Eating a burger just makes me feel 100% complete and happy. I like going to different places and trying out different types of burgers they have. It’s soo delicious and I can eat it any day. As I’m writing this, I’m craving a burger right now. 


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2 Responses to Brianna Guillen HW#2: Coffee and Food During the Civil War

  1. Imon Singha says:

    It’s funny because I just had a burger and while looking at it makes me wanna go outside and get another one.

  2. Dwilson says:

    I agree ! You can’t ever go wrong with burgers and fries.

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