HW #2 – Sanjidah Khan (Food & Coffee During Civil War)

While reading up on what the union soldiers ate and what exactly hardtack is, I learned that the amount of food that they ate was very limited. This goes from small amounts of meat, coffee and hardtack. In the article, it mentioned that one of the 16 year old union soldiers sat down for supper only having hard bread, raw pork and the kind of coffee that isn’t like our daily Starbucks drinks. Soldiers have also gotten diseases and some have passed from the food that was unsanitary and raw. One of the most fascinating things I found out about a soldier’s diet is what a hardtack is and the purpose it had to the soldiers. From the video linked, I was surprised to find out that it was the army’s primary foodstuff. It is made to look like a cracker and the ingredients to make it are salt, flour, water. It was easy to make and convenient. The hardtack was known as long-lasting food to the troops and was there to keep them satisfied when needed.

If I were to choose between coffee and food, I would choose food because theres so many dishes you can make instead of having the same taste of coffee. A food item that I can’t live without is rice, especially coming from a Asian family where we were used to having rice with every meal.

– Sanjidah Khan ARTH 1100-D401

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  1. I probably can’t live without rice as well since I eat rice almost everyday at work, Because pretty much anything can go with rice.

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