Song’s HW2: Food and Coffee during the Civil War

The thing that is fascinating and hard to believe about the soldier’s diet is that according to Charles Nott, Union Soldier, 16 yrs. old who seems quite young to me to be a soldier already says that all they ate for supper was hard pilot-bread which is a very large hard bread cracker along with raw pork. The idea of eating raw pork makes me feel weird but since it was desperate times, it might have been the only way of gaining the necessary calories during war time.

Of course, there was also coffee along with the supper since it was the only thing that they could drink to keep them warm at night. It was boiled in a kettle and has a color of a brownstone front which is the color on the bricks in front of a house. Since it is not dark like the color we have here before adding milk which it becomes lighter, it might look like they are drinking boiled dirt water which sounds quite unsatisfying.

A food that i would not live without would be tofu since itself can be used to make into many more different styles and can be incorporated into other dishes as well along with the ability to absorb the flavor of whatever it is cooking with.

What is Tofu? Types, Uses, and Nutrition


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