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HW 4

The hobbit is one of the movies that has a big budget cost in the hobbit (2009) the  movie with an amount of 257.2million.  And it consist of  many graphic designs and also has many series’s which is still going on and is one of my top faviorte movies. It’s as if a video games for example rpg game put in too real life where wizards and dwarfs and dragons and demons exist. The locations filmed are good and the amount of money to create the image where the action takes place and the animals that where aniamited . Also the shoots took from close and far and the sound affects and lighting which brings the audience in.


The movie divergent and that starts of with a good opening scene is divergent where it starts of with the main character talking about how society has been broken up in to 5 sections and each one has a differnt interest. Not only that but the shoot of each scene makes each branch unique with the type of image each friction is shown as. The thing about this is that they don’t meantion divergent as part of the branches that society has. This is what interested me because the movie title is based on divergents and she does not meantion it. The movie comes out with an understanding of how society is  and what each friction is. image