Homework #6(Diamonds)

I think fan movies that deconstruct film and revisits the location is a very awesome thing because it helps show the other fans of the movie and an inside look of how the location is during a regular day in every day life instead of a movie set. People will notice how different the location can be. A lot of people when watching movies think everything is a set but they don’t know that alot of movies use actual streets to shoot film. The sets are manipulated so it looks real but there are actors all over. Most of the time, it is not how the streets would usually be in every day life.  I personally enjoy seeing movies that deconstruct film and revisits the locations.

1 thought on “Homework #6(Diamonds)”

  1. I completely agree with you. The fan movies that deconstruct film is a great way for people to see how different a location can be in a film than in reality. You can also see how much those locations have changed since the filming of the movies. I found it admirable to watch Attia’s film location video because it shows how the locations from the film changed during the years.

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