Homework #4 – Titanic

I chose the 1997 film, Titanic which was directed, produced and written by James Cameron. This film is listed #3 in the 30 most expensive movies ever made. I chose this film because 95% of this movie takes place on a giant boat.  James Cameron had to use many different types of scenery to make this film as real as possible. For example, the rich people had better living conditions on this boat than the lower class people. This film also had amazing visuals of when the boat was sinking and when everyone was trying to survive. One of my favorite scenes was when the ship hit the iceberg and it was a full free-for-all of everyone running around and trying to survive. There was a lot of different way’s people dressed based on their wealth in this movie. Every little detail was thought about before the making of this movie and that’s why I believe it was one of the most expensive movie to be ever made. Nothing was short of spectacular!

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  1. I agree with Nakupatel. It was a spectacular cinema, from the scenes of young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s puppy love aboard the Titanic, to the marvelous captures of the Atlantic Ocean. I can only imagine the amount of work and effort director, James Cameron, put into the scenery of the Titanic. And imagine the budget for that film! Truly perfection at it’s finest. It’s kind of sad that Leonardo never won an Academy Award for this movie or for the phenomenon that he is.

  2. I think the director Cameron did a phenomenal job in creating and directing the titanic. He’s great with special effects. He was so invested in shipwrecks and the Titanic’s story that instead of getting shots from documentaries, him and his team dove into the ocean and operated cameras. He got real shots of the titanic which he used in the film along with special effects. He used various techniques such as model making, computer animation and green screen technology. He used the green screen technology for the big ship (titanic) in the film. There are several videos on YouTube that show you the behind the scenes on how they made the ship look real. It’s a really well-made movie, Cameron did an exceptional job. He truly does have a knack for FX.

  3. Nakul, I also agree with your choice of Titanic as one of Hollywood’s big shot films. No other film leveled with it’s portrayal of the heart-shattering event. It was also very successful at observing integral historic components that pertained to realities that took place on that ship.
    In addition to capturing the precision of the shipwreck, James Cameron also captured the reality of class differences and social structures designating to the era. As you mentioned, these elements of class structures were presented to the viewers in the details of the film; the rich had very lavish cabins on top deck, while the poor bunked together like livestock below deck. It wasn’t until the iceberg crash that these elements were brought to full peak. From the crash alone, the poor endured the tragedy first; it was also apparent that life boats were very limited (which in itself brought up questions) and, thus, the rich ranked higher of a priority. James Cameron successfully managed to create a film that embodied the historical facts of all manners of the event. Great Choice!

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