HW #2, à bout de souffle

I could not remember what suit my card was, but truly wanted to discuss this film anyway, though tardy in posting.

à bout de souffle (breathless) is a film written, and directed by jean-luc godard, who is one of my favorite french directors. the movie opens with main character michel, driving & talking (almost seemingly rambling), but this scene is vital. soon after a series of distinct choppy film cuts (godard is known for this style of film), and michel’s dialogue with himself, he is pursued by a police officer, who he ends up murdering.

throughout the course of the film, we know michel is a thief, but his love interest (patricia) initially does not. this scene aids in constructing the entire rest of the film, and plays an integral role in describing the behavior of the protagonist.

here’s a link to the entire film

(this isn’t subtitled but you can get the gist of it).




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