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Nelsy’s homework #2: Opening Scene of Saw VII

As i’ve said in my previous post, I love gory movies (especially Saw), so what’s a better opening scene than the last Saw movie that came out. This is the opening scene to Saw VII, every opening scene to the Saw sequel, the director chooses to start with a trap and somebody ( or some people) trying to escape it. This particular opening scene always fascinates me just because it tells you right away what the movie is going to be about, and the director didn’t even have to spend so much money. Also, it gets straight to the point with action which makes it better for the audience to stay interested from beginning to end. For Saw being a sequel I think the director did an excellent job telling a story that actually connected in all the movies. Every single Saw has to do with the character named Jigsaw who sees potential in people being able to change their ways, so he gives them an opportunity for them to think of what they’ve done wrong and try and change themselves, but of course things come with sacrifices just like the action the people have done which led them to where they are now with 2 choices, to live or die.

Overall, the beginning to Saw VII lets you know that the movie is going to be about people having to make choices and sacrifices. What’s a better way to open such a bloody, gory movie for the seventh time, than to get right to the point?!