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Homework #3 “The Battleship Potemkin” -Anjali

Jump cuts in editing is a type of editing where the transition between each scene that is abrupt and somewhat lacks in continuity. It‚Äôs usually cut in a brief manner between shots and can be represented differently, depending on the content. It can be for a montage, it can show time passing by, it can show certain events and more. A perfect example of a film that contains such editing is ‚ÄúThe Battleship Potemkin‚ÄĚ, directed by Sergei Eisenstein. There is a famous scene in this film where there are explosions from multiple architectures. Meanwhile, there‚Äôs rapid cuts to some cupid statues and then to the lions. The expressions from each lion statue shown vary from cut to cut. As the explosions get wilder and wilder, the expressions on the lion‚Äôs faces gets more and more terrified. This montage is done to show how extreme the surroundings are. It is also done to portray creativity with the editing by the usage of rapid cuts and the style of jump cutting. In addition, the way that the props were utilized and filmed in this scene is also genius. Thus more proof of why this film remains iconic to this very day.

HW#2_Star Wars: The Force Awakens—–Hao H.——-

Opening of Star Wars the force awakens is quite an experience, not only is it memorable, it leaves an impact on how the movie will play out.The Resistance and The First Order are both after a map that led to Luke skywalks’ location. Pilot, Poe Dameron, was sent to the Jakku to recover the map piece from Lor San Tekka, but Kylo Ren and the First Order were close behind. As the stormtroopers attacked, Poe Dameron and gave the map piece to his droid BB-8, who fled into the desert. Kylo Ren had traveled to Jakku personally and laid siege to the village, executing everyone and taking Poe Dameron prisoner.¬†From the beginning you have a sense of suspense that keeps building up, then the action takes place, a sense of rush goes down your spine as you see Poe Dameron gets captured. Looking at Kylo Ren stops the blaster bolt scene, right always you knew that this person was powerful from doing a simple movement to stop the blaster bolt: An energy beam was stopped mid air, it doesn’t get better then that; there was also a change in beat when Poe Dameron started to joke around while he was captured. It is exciting and amusing; the opening made it all happen.

Deadpool Opening Scene

Deadpool is a super hero film based on the marvel comics. It was directed by Tim Miller and starred Ryan Reynolds as deadpool. The film is about a former special forces operative who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wade Wilson the special forces operative is then approached by a recruiter from a secret program offering the cure for his cancer. Although he was hesitant at first Wade decides to go to the laboratory and is injected with a serum. The serum awakens mutant genes and Wade discovers he is being used to be sold as a super powered slave. After confrontations with Ajax, ¬†Wade is left for dead but he isn’t and his hunt for Ajax ensues.

The opening scene stood out to me because deadpool is shown inside a van but there are no clues as to how he got in the van. Eventually though we see him fall of the top of a highway and landing inside the van, where a fighting scene takes place. As he is fighting the guys in the van he cracks some jokes here and there and we see a horrific scene where a guy cleanly gets his head cut off by a bicycle chain. The opening scene adds all the aspects I love in a film which are comedy, action and gore. What really pulled me in and kept me watching attentively were the jokes being made while all the action was going down. Miller uses the original comic character and portrays him just the way he is and gave the comic fans just what they wanted.





HOMEWORK#2 Natalie Rodriguez, Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan (1988), was written by Robert Rodat and directed by Steven Spielberg. Saving Private Ryan, starring Tom Hanks¬†is¬†set in¬†World War II. It’s about Ryan James Francis, a solider, who’s mother had lost¬†three of her sons¬†in the war except for Ryan, her last surviving.¬†A mission is given to Captain John H. Miller¬†(Tom Hanks) and other Soldiers to get Ryan out of the war, if they find him and get him¬†home safely.

The Opening scene of Saving Private Ryan is actually a¬†famous one. It’s¬†Starts in 1944 during World War II’s Invasion of Normandy on Omaha Beach. It can definitely be considered a “hard” opening scene because the action is immediate. It leads from¬†minutes of nervous, frightened¬†soldiers to sudden realistic explosion of bombs,¬†shots firing,¬†gushing blood,¬†open wounds,¬†slowly dying and dead¬†Soldiers for around 20 min. It leaves the audience with uneasy feelings of not knowing when it will be over, and asking just how the rest of the story will play out.

What’s compelling in this opening¬†scene is when the soldiers begin to pray, and as they are praying the scenes go from one soldier to the next. You can see the sadness and them holding on, more like strongly and literally holding¬†on to their faith. The one soldier who was laid out on the ground, with his intestines out of his body crying out loudly through the explosions, “Mama.” was the most heartbreaking thing to see. You can only imagine in real life,¬†dying in war at a young age crying out for your family hoping to some how have them hold you and tell you everything will be alright, and hear them say what’s happening is not really happening.¬†The opening alone can definitely make you¬†tear up without having to get invested in a character first.



Jasmine.HW#2: Gravity

Gravity is a science fiction film that was released October, 4, 2013 that was directed by Alfonso Cuar√≥n. Not long into starting the film, the sense of danger is already imminent. Impending doom soon arrives. ¬†The astronauts (played by¬†Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) are informed of fast moving space debris heading their way as a result of a destroyed Russian satellite. It¬†only takes a couple of moments to affect them, completely overwhelm them, and destroy their shuttle, the only way home. Dr. Stone (Bullock) is caught up in a tangle and as a result of a debris hit, ¬†is thrown out into the vastness of space as she continues spinning endlessly. It was very intense. The build-up of the warnings, debris hitting, and the danger we see the astronauts are ultimately faced with makes for both a heart-stopping, breathtaking, opening scene. ¬†For the majority of the film, there’s always the question of: Will they get home? Or even, Will they even survive? Space is a vast and uncharted territory where in just a second you may find yourself with the prospect of never getting back home. In Space, you are vulnerable. If anything were to happen, it really isn’t only matter of questioning your ability to survive, but really questioning: do you have¬†the will?

Ese HOMEWORK #2: The Dark Knight

One of my¬†favorite opening scene that I will like to share with the class is from “The Dark Knight”.¬†The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film¬†directed, produced, and co-written by Christopher Nolan. Featuring the character of the¬†DC Comics¬†character Batman and other.¬†The film is the second part of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and starring ¬†Christian Bale¬†and the late great¬†Heath Ledger. In the film we see Bale character Batman ¬†goes up against the criminal mastermind played by Ledger¬†as the Joker.¬†The reason why I find this¬†opening so compelling is cause it just sets the mood for the rest of the movie and shows the audience what the character the late great¬†heath ledger played is capable of.¬†We see in the first 5 or so minutes a bank¬†Robbery in progress. During this scene we see the robbery talking about the mastermind while trying to complete their job. As the job is finishing up we see them turn on each other so that way their is less money to split. In the end it turns out that the mastermind “The Joker” was actually¬†¬†part of the group of thieves and is the last one standing. Now when I first saw this scene I’m pretty sure I had the same reaction as everyone else which was surprised that he was one of the unknown mask men robbing the bank. The music changes as he reveled that he was not the same as the dead thieves but that he was better then them the true ¬†genius not some hire gun.





Anjali Homework #2: American Beauty

American Beauty is an award winning ¬†film directed by Sam Mendes. It stars Kevin Spacey playing the main character, Lester Burnham, a middle aged father living in a suburban neighborhood and going though a mid life crisis. He grows very bored with his life as he doesn’t portray any enthusiasm. He then starts viewing life differently and goes though some changes.

The opening scene is Spacey’s monologue of Lester speaking to the audience about his life. He introduces himself as well as other aspects of his life that seems pretty typical and in the norm. Although, he goes on to mention the fact that he’s going to be dead in less than a year. ¬†This immediately captures the audience’s attention yearning to know why he’s going to be dead. The audience will wonder what events will lead up to his death? What’s the reason for his death? and so on. ¬†The music that plays throughout the monologue gives off a mysterious sense. As the music is playing and Spacey is speaking, there’s another layer that’s rather peculiar.

He further describes his mundane everyday life, and introduces other characters including his family. The audiences still ponders how his life goes from here and how it dramatically changes. The music crescendos towards the ending of the monologue. This adds to the buildup to when Lester says,”It’s never too late, to get it back”. That indicates that the viewers will witness how his life dramatically changes for the better, or the worse.

Nelsy’s homework #2: Opening Scene of Saw VII

As i’ve said in my previous post, I love gory movies (especially Saw), so what’s a better opening scene than the last Saw movie that came out. This is the opening scene to Saw VII, every opening scene to the Saw sequel, the director chooses to start with a trap and somebody ( or some people) trying to escape it. This particular opening scene always fascinates me just because it tells you right away what the movie is going to be about, and the director didn’t even have to spend so much money. Also, it gets straight to the point with action which makes it better for the audience to stay interested from beginning to end. For Saw being a sequel I think the director did an excellent job telling a story that actually connected in all the movies. Every single Saw has to do with the character named Jigsaw who sees potential in people being able to change their ways, so he gives them an opportunity for them to think of what they’ve done wrong and try and change themselves, but of course things come with sacrifices just like the action the people have done which led them to where they are now with 2 choices, to live or die.

Overall, the beginning to Saw VII lets you know that the movie is going to be about people having to make choices and sacrifices. What’s a better way to open such a bloody, gory movie for the seventh time, than to get right to the point?!