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Homework#4- “The Birds”

I think it’s always interesting to see films from a different perspective. In this case, in  a deconstructed view. It almost makes what you’ve seen in the movie more real. Tangible. But, at the same time it’s almost like you’re intruding in a way. You’re supposed to see it the way it was originally presented. By seeing the locations as they are almost feels like entering into another dimension too. Like something is off but it’s almost familiar. Scene at 6:33 into the Herve Attia film is a good example of this feeling. It shows the stark difference in landscape from the present outlook to the films original scenery.

Homework#5: Ending of Inception

I thought Inception was an overall great movie. Throughout the movie we witness the characters attempt to navigate the dreamworld while simultaneously fighting for their lives. Should they die in the dream, they should also die in reality. The difference between the two often becoming skewed. It is only with objects like Cobb’s (DiCaprio) totem is he able to discern the real from the fake. At the end of the movie he finally reunited with his children. The totem he has attempted to spin long forgotten. As the audience that last thing we see is the totem spin then almost come to a stop. But we never see it stop. Both Cobb and we have no idea if he had actually awakened into reality. It is an ambiguous ending. It leaves us with many questions. Perhaps even questioning whether Cobb even knew what reality truly was at all.

Homework 3: Taxi Driver

This 70’s drama made by director Martin Scorsese stars Robert De Niro (shown in the clip above) as insomniac ex-Marine Travis Bickle who is a Taxi Driver in New York City. After an encounter with a malevolent fare (played by Scorsese), increasingly paranoid Travis begins to condition (and arm) himself for his imagined destiny. The series of jump cuts used in this scene show us (the silent audience) how paranoia has consumed him and taken over his life .

Jasmine.HW#2: Gravity

Gravity is a science fiction film that was released October, 4, 2013 that was directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Not long into starting the film, the sense of danger is already imminent. Impending doom soon arrives.  The astronauts (played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) are informed of fast moving space debris heading their way as a result of a destroyed Russian satellite. It only takes a couple of moments to affect them, completely overwhelm them, and destroy their shuttle, the only way home. Dr. Stone (Bullock) is caught up in a tangle and as a result of a debris hit,  is thrown out into the vastness of space as she continues spinning endlessly. It was very intense. The build-up of the warnings, debris hitting, and the danger we see the astronauts are ultimately faced with makes for both a heart-stopping, breathtaking, opening scene.  For the majority of the film, there’s always the question of: Will they get home? Or even, Will they even survive? Space is a vast and uncharted territory where in just a second you may find yourself with the prospect of never getting back home. In Space, you are vulnerable. If anything were to happen, it really isn’t only matter of questioning your ability to survive, but really questioning: do you have the will?