Final homework

I don’t know if this is really considered an ending scene, but I do love this after credit scene from Deadpool. He does his signature style which is talk to the audience, and he even gives a tiny hint of what’s to come – which is that they will be having Cable (a character). Another reason why I love this ending is for the fact that he tells the people to clean up after themselves in the movie theaters (which is very convenient to the people who work in the movies such as myself). My general manager even insisted in putting this scene at the end of every movie just so people won’t leave their mess behind which I find to be hilarious. Besides that, this ending scene is like the movie Get Him to the Greek directed by Nicholas Stoller, who has famous rapper, P.diddy, telling the audience to go home.

My actual favorite ending scene is from the movie Human Centipede 3, but I can’t find a video of it anywhere. As everyone knows I am an extreme gore fan, and of course I would pick a movie like that. The only reason I like that ending scene is because for the first time a human centipede didn’t seem like a bad idea. I mean why feed every single prisoner (whose done bad to this world) when you can just feed one of them and they all get fed. Especially in the human caterpillar where they cut off the people’s arms and legs because they were sentenced for like, so why even waste time feeding all of them – and people’s hard earning money.

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