Bin Bin Zheng_Homework #4: Filming Locations-Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’

Watching the short clip of Attia going back to the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, I get a better understanding of how much effort went into filming the movie. Most of the roads and landscape where uneven and messy. Setting a tracking shot or having a flat area for the camera must have been hell to do. It looks like some of the areas were changed, implying some parts were filmed in a studio or somewhere else. For example, when the lady is driving in the car, you can clearly see there are lines on the road, however, when we switch to a side view, no lines in the road. It was nice of the town to keep some of the important landmarks of the film. It makes a good tourist trap. It was a smart move of Hitchcock to use the natural environment, fewer things to worry about later that needs to be faked.

It takes a true fan to walk back in the footstep of a great director like Hitchcock. It helps bring the film to life, creating a possibility that the events like the movie could happen because the place that it happened at is real. Attia’s short helps viewer discover a side that is never shown in the movie. We as fans see what has happened after 50 years, and the question, “did it really happen?” comes to mind.

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  1. I agree with your second statement, that it takes a true fan to walk back in the footstep of a great director like Hitchcock. Just to want to go to the site of a famous movie set and film footage,
    means that this is clearly the work of a dedicated and highly motivated person. It’s great that somebody like Attia can put together a film like this so that someone who is not familiar with Hitchcock’s The Birds can watch this short film and get a taste of what the shooting of the actual film was like

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