To be honest, after watching Herve Attia’s fan film of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, i came away really impressed. At first i thought that i wouldn’t like it because normally i’m not a big fan of “fan” films sort to speak because they always look cheep to me, but this was actually really well done. I’m a big fan of visiting old historical locations or movie locations and seeing what they are like today, so this video was somewhat of a treat for me personally. I loved how he had a side by side comparison of his film and the original Hitchcock classic. It really puts in perspective just how much things have changed in the time between the two films.  Some of the locations are almost unrecognizable, like the TIDES which has been remodeled and redesigned. I wonder if anyone has done this with a old New York movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s  or Taxi Driver and just went around and filmed some  of the locations just to see how vastly different they are today than in the past. It could make for an interesting project

2 thoughts on “FILMING LOCATIONS HW#4 – Cody”

  1. I totally agree with you. I too was blown away at viewing “The Birds”, especially for the first time. I could only imagine what an innovation it had been back in the early 1960s. I tend to enjoy watching older classics, such as this, and imagine what it would’ve been like viewing it as if I was present in that era. I haven’t thought about this idea with New York films but, that is in fact an interesting idea. I would love for someone to take the time and do the side by side comparison. Knowing the city environment always changes is captivating. I am sure other older New York residents will be filled with reminiscence and nostalgia of the city’s earlier days. I appreciate the time and effort, that Attia took to plan, travel and film the locations. Also the fact that he filmed it in sync with the film’s footage is phenomenal for film lovers like me.

  2. I also became very impressed and thought that this was really well done. I also loved how he gave us a side by side comparison of his film and the original Hitchcock classic. It just goes to show us how amazing and talented both men are.

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