Homework #4- Filming Locations

I think that it is amazing how some people can go back, deconstruct and revisit different locations of a film and compare it to the original look that was filmed. It’s clear to see, from the side by side video, that there has been some changes to some of the locations that has been made since the shooting days. From the videos there has been some remodeling done on certain buildings, some painting done, and some environmental changes. It’s really impressive how Attia can go to these Sonoma County and point out the various locations that were used to film “The Birds”. There must be a lot of preparation and research done to achieve this. The fact that it’s his hobby also adds to the quality of work he has put into this video. Everything is his work is so authentic all the way down to the small brief moments of the scene. He films the roads that Tippi Hedren drives on, to other smaller scenes by the bay.He’s also exposing and informing a lot of information for other fans of this film as well. It also makes other people further appreciate “The Birds” by being more knowledgeable and for others, a little nostalgic perhaps.

3 thoughts on “Homework #4- Filming Locations”

  1. Agree it’s interesting to see how different some of the locations are today in present day versus the 60s. The fact that he made a short film about these locations further shows how Hitchcock’s movies had such a profound effect on people.

  2. I could not had said it any better. Attia does an amazing job, and definitely had to do some research to get the correct places in the correct angles to demonstrate the past to the present. One scene I can point out that he did such a great job in is the scene where they are walking by the lake and he notes that the house was demolished, although the same cedar trees are still there (good to know that humanity still cares for the trees!)

  3. I definitely agree Anjali! Many people believe that it must of been so easy of a task to complete but it is not. Preparation has a lot to do with it, and his hobby! If someone truly has a love for something, they’ll naturally want to perfect it due to it being their passion.

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