HOMEWORK #3 “The Ring”

A jump cut is  defined as a cut in film editing where the middle section of a continuous shot is removed, and the beginning and end of the shot are then joined together. The technique breaks continuity in time and produces a startling effect. Any moving objects in the shot will appear to jump to a new position. The film I choose was “The Ring” in this film and in many other horror films we see that the jump cutting technique is very common in these films to frighten the viewer into believing that these events are really happening. We see in the clip above of Sadako Yamamura coming out the t.v and crawl toward the man then stands up and then jump right in front of him causing him to fall over. This is a jump cut where we two shots of the same subject that vary only slightly.

2 thoughts on “HOMEWORK #3 “The Ring””

  1. The jump cut in this movie scared me to death. Jump cuts really create the illusion of supernatural movements. Super scary and a great way to use jump cuts.

  2. This film’s jump cuts were really well executed and put together. I was really thrilled with the way the plot kept unfolding and the suspense build just kept the experience fresh.

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