X-Men: Days of Future Past

One of my most favorite film opening scenes is that of the superhero film genre from X-Men: Days of Future past based off the famous comic super hero team of the same name. The opening scene depicts the mutants and the story’s main characters in a war-torn future where they are hunted down by sentient robots known as Sentinels. Their purpose is to hunt, capture and/or kill the mutants and X-Men alike. What I came to love most about this scene was how it it opens up using the time frame of the X-Men characters of the original trilogy( Hugh Jackman/Wolverine, Hallie Berry/Storm, Patrick Stewart/Professor Xavier, Shawn Ashemore/Ice Man) in an apocalyptic setting as opposed to different characters playing their parts.

This entry in the film series adapts the comic’s 1981 story line by combining the main cast’s younger and older selves together to deliver a powerful ensemble of strong acting and story telling making it the most iconic installment in the series. It was a dual sequel that later acted as a retroactive continuity piece rather that outright completely reboot the franchise as a whole. This film is among one of the final times the original cast would reprise their roles as X-Men.



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